Friday, November 29, 2013


Thanksgiving is my favorite of all American holidays. It is quiet and homey, tasty and warm. But more than that, it is a story of my own pilgrimage and the new continent where I eventually found many miracles and true happiness, much like those English pilgrims when they finally met Squanto... This is my twelfth Thanksgiving, and every single one of them differs from the previous one, and every single one of them is special to me. I can write my whole personal American history following just one single day of a year - the forth Thursday of every November. I will most probably do that one day. :)

We wanted to celebrate it at home this year, just the three of us - Justin, Anna and me. Oh, and the two cats of course - can't forget cats. :) We will come back to that later. I picked one of the most comfortable dresses on Earth (earlier shown here). And I wanted gold, lot's of gold - I told you I love golden color in my wardrobe (and my interior as well, just so you know :). So I added a golden color denim jacket (which I wore here and here). And then I just added a few different accessories. First, one of my Russian shawls (I wrote more about this traditional Russian platok here). Then, a golden scarf or a golden bead necklace, both of which were found many years ago (about seven or eight, I think) in a gift shop somewhere in the Midwest, I don't even remember details anymore. And then I was ready to go!

This platok looks good on Justin too, doesn't it? It was a gift from my parents when they first visited me in the US in 2005.

We decorated our Xmas tree very early this year - almost in the beginning of November! It immediately added light and warmth to our little cottage, and I recommend to do so to anyone who has a hard time to adjust to November's gloomy evenings... Anna wears one of her Hanna Andersson tunics (a great Swedish clothing company for kids and the whole family) and a scarf from Clair's. She looks tired, my girl. November is always a tough month...

And here are our lovely kitties, Persik (Peaches if you translate her name into English) and Bagira (Bagheera, a black panther from Kipling's Mowgli - did you know that in Russian and Polish translations this character is a female panther?). They are sisters, born on the same day from the same parents. But it is hard to find two creatures so unlike each other. Persik is very territorial, very sweet and rather simple "feed me and pet me if I want to" kinda cat. Bagira is a restless explorer who wants to know how everything works, wants to try every kind of food, and will probably become a plumber when she graduates from cats. At least, that's what Justin thinks. :)

Happy Thanksgiving and all the warmest wishes to you and your beloved ones!

Maxi dress by Old Navy. Denim jacket by Christopher and Banks. Flats by Born. Accessories: Russian platok - gift from my dear parents, scarf, bead necklace, bead ring - boutique finds. Purse by B Makowsky

Location: Cottage & Tacoma


  1. We did indeed have a very warm and cozy Thanksgiving this year, though outside it was a bit cool, inside it was wonderful and tasty! We started the tradition of trying to dress up for Thanksgiving a few years ago, and I'm glad we did again this year as well. Gold is the right color for this appreciative holiday, and I'm so glad I get to spend it with YOU!

    1. It was such a happy and easy day! Thank you! :) And thank you for the wonderful photo shoot, as always!

  2. I love the way you described Thanksgiving Natalia, and think that rich pumplkn shade looks so good on you!
    XX, Elle

    1. So happy to hear you liked my little description of Thanksgiving! Thank you for your kind words and compliments! I guess you are right - some pumpkins are golden color. I haven't made this connection before! :)

  3. This is a lovely post. I am also an immigrant and think that Thanksgiving is the best of all holidays. No gift giving frenzy, no necessity to overdecorate or send cards, no religious connection just gratitude!