Saturday, November 30, 2013

Moments of November 2013

Upper Row: 1&2. Pattern Play. 3.Put Together. 4. Fiery.
Middle Row: 1. Batik and Bougainvillea. 2. Time for Royal Coziness. 3. Red Wine Experiments. 4. It's Fun To Have a Secret.
Lower Row: 1. Leopard on Leopard. 2. Cold Days... Old Days... 3. Fisherman's Jumper. 4. Pilgrim.

My own little tradition is to post a collage of my outfits at the end of each month. I posted a lot in November! I guess it's a good sign. :) I like what I am doing. I am having a good fun as my daughter used to say when she was little. Not all of my November outfits are included in the collage though. I thought that some of them were not too different from what was just next to them. So I picked 12 the most different ones. I hope you enjoy. Happy holidays! And have a good fun with your friends... or just with yourself! :)
~ Natalia 


  1. Natalia,
    I love the photo spread, so many beautiful outfits! You have quite the closet, I love your taste and the way ou assemble each outwith wiht care and attention to detail. I found this "good fun" and am following you so I dont miss more.
    XX, Elle

    1. Thank you so much, Elle, for your warm and thoughtful comments! I am so glad that you enjoyed my blog! I looked at your blog too. You are a very beautiful and stylish woman with such a radiant smile and sensitive heart. :)