Saturday, November 16, 2013

Time for Royal Coziness

Sweater dresses are fun, cozy and elegant all at the same time. I remember wearing them years ago when I was still a college student. Have they ever fallen out of fashion? I can't remember! But I have fallen out of them for a while. Until I discovered this 100% wool sweater dress at Chico's clearance sale (for only about $30 or so it was an irresistible offer).

Don't you think I kinda look like a foreman on this photo? I just need a hard hat to complete the image! ;-)

So yes, I played with elegant and casual on that particular day, combining the super soft wool sweater dress with a "waterfall" (cowl) kind of collar (which was popular as I remember in the late 1970s / early 1980s) in elegant beige color and a casual green field jacket. It is the shortest dress I own - above my knee. Some Chico's customers were complaining about the length. I think it works for me though! And I do have other ideas how to style the dress. :) 

I have new booties here too! It was an exciting story. I found a booty at Nordstrom Rack, the only one, beautifully built, in my size and my width (remember that I have wide feet, and it can be very challenging to find comfy and cool shoes for me). They were Italian! WOW! So elegant high heel and so comfy, just perfect on my foot. But... what good it could be if it was only ONE shoe? I tried to find the second one. I called an assistant. She called another assistant. We looked and looked. There was no second shoe! I decided oh well, just not right time then. But something inside of me couldn't let go. I thought what if the second shoe was somewhere in the wrong size aisle? And so it was! Happy end!! :)

But not complete end yet. We came home with the new pair of booties (waterproof, by the way, which can be relevant in our rainy Seattle), and Justin for some reason decided to check out this particular brand name. The boots were under $150 marked down from $398 (I have probably never in my life had such an expensive pair of shoes). Justin learned that the company re-released this model of booties and named it "Royal"... after Kate Middleton wore them in rainy London (read the story here). Now I wear them, and now the story is complete. :)

Justin and I love going to The Grand Cinema, this little non-profit movie theater downtown Tacoma which brings lots of wonderful, non-mainstream movies to us (my friend Marina took me there for a new Russian movie once). Last weekend, we watched Enough Said, and oh guys, there are just no enough good things which can be said about it! I laughed and cried while watching it. It was both funny, witty, sad and deeply touching. And the happy end was not fake at all. It was a very true story. 

Locations: Federal Way & downtown Tacoma

Sweater dress by Chico's. Field jacket by ASOS. Booties - "Royal" by Aquatalia. Purse by B Makowsky. Jewelry - Chico's, gifts.


  1. It's a lovely post, your Royal Coziness. :) I love your work and being part of it. I personally hope there will be more short sweater dresses in our future. ;)

    1. I am still looking for perfect (or just fun :) sweater dresses... Instant cozy they are. :)