Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fisherman's Jumper

Cable knit jumpers (or sweaters) are trendy once again, though they have never actually fallen out of fashion - they seem to become a timeless classic, much like jeans or a little black dress. 

I read this article and learned a lot about this kind of jumper. They are called Aran jumpers from the name of the Aran islands, located on the west coast of Ireland. They most probably became popular in the early 1900s, as fishermen's wives came up with a clever design for sweaters to sell, as well as for wear by their own families. These women simplified the design of very well known Gansey jumpers, making them of a coarser wool for a faster knitting process. Bulky sheep's yarn also, as some say, used to provide a water repellent garment (and there may be some truth to that). The traditional patterns are said to symbolize hard work, luck, safety, a plentiful catch and other good stuff. I love speculating on the origins of these ancient sweater patterns (there is a reason they're called "fisherman's" after all).

I originally planned another outfit for my style adventure today, and I was very excited about it. But, the weather got milder, warmer and sunnier, or maybe I just felt differently, who knows what really happened - but I redesigned my idea almost at the last minute. You might remember these clip earrings from this past post, but the ring and the bracelet are brand new. I kept my eye on them since Chico's put them out this Fall. They seemed a spooky-perfect pairing for my vintage clip earring, and yet their price was high ($39 each). Last weekend, I stumbled on an unexpected and unbelievable sale at the store - the earrings were $5.99 and the bracelet was $7.99. Of course, I was in heaven! :) 

The jumper was a recent Goodwill find - for a great price of only $5.99! Tell me, do you buy second hand clothes? It is 100% cotton, in perfect shape, has absolutely gorgeous knitting patterns and a beautiful teal color, which I love! And I didn't even have to knit it myself, unlike this similar jumper I knitted when I was in my early 20s. It is my 23rd birthday in the photo below ... I was just a kid! (Of course, in about 20 years, when I stumble on this blog on the Internet, I will say the same about me being 40 - just a kid! ;)

I hope you enjoy your weekend, and happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate!

Fisherman's jumper by Jeanne Pierre (via Goodwill). White shirt, pencil skirt, ring and bracelet by Chico's. Clip earrings - vintage. Booties by Sofft (via Nordstrom Rack). Purse by B Makowsky.

Wool cable knit jumper 17 years ago - hand made by me. 

Location: Tacoma

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