Sunday, April 19, 2015


I adore jumpsuits. The very first one was custom made for me when I was only 11 or 12, my daughter's age now, and I am still astonished that it was actually my Mom's idea. I was a little self-conscious to wear it - no one had one in my small town, and even though I often do things no one I know does, back then I had very mixed feelings about my changing body (insensitive comments did not help). It was a gorgeous number in deep beetroot color, with long gathered at the bottom sleeves as well as legs, with a little collar and a zipper. The one mistake the seamstress made was not taking my growth into account, and at that age girls grow especially fast. As a result, I did not wear that jumpsuit a lot, and eventually Mom brought it into a consignment shop for someone else to enjoy (she later told me that she saw a girl wearing it).

My second jumpsuit was also custom made for me, from my own design. I wrote about it in my earlier post here - there is a photo of it too. It was right before my moving to America. I still have it somewhere in my storage - hopefully, Anya will want to rock it some day. So you can probably see why I'm so happy that jumpsuits are going strong right now - I bought a few and am always looking for more interesting pieces. They are extremely easy to wear, they make a strong impression, and they are just fun fun fun!

This one is especially fun - I fell in love with the floral tapestry design and teal with gold color scheme, I just couldn't help it. It's one of a very few items I bought for full price because I did not want to risk it being sold out. I'm so glad I did - it's one of the most fun and comfortable pieces in my closet.

I can see me wearing it in the upcoming Summer with sandals, but that will be another post and another story to write. And yesterday, it was all about enjoying the loveliest day with Justin, going to a bookstore, having Korean BBQ for lunch (have you ever done that fun thing? if not, then do try it!), and a wonderful serene walk in a beautiful park along the shore of Puget Sound on Bainbridge Island. This jumpsuit was just perfect for all of it.

My other jumpsuits you can find under the tag "jumpsuits/overalls".

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Jumpsuit - ASOS Curve
Denim jacket - thrifted
Shoes - Born
"Paris" purse - bookstore on Bainbridge



  1. That's a really fine jumpsuit, Natalia - I can see exactly why you fell in love with it! Great colours and floral print, and it's such a fabulous shape on you. Yes, you'll wear it loads and get your money's worth, I'm sure! xxx

  2. Jumpsuits are so comfortable they are like wearing PJs in public. That is why I love them.

    The colour and pattern is gorgeous on you. You would blend right in with all the spring flowers : )


  3. It's so great to fall in love with our clothes - and you look so happy and lovely in your jumpsuit, Natalia. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xo.

  4. Love this one! The colors, the shape, the pattern. Your stories of having them made when you were young reminds me of when my aunt made me a maxi skirt back in 1971 or so. I think I was the first one in my school and the stares were so unpleasant. But I felt pretty in it so I remember struggling to not pay any mind. I too outgrew it very fast. It became way too short within about one year. Funny how strong some memories can be, isn't it? Russ laughs sometimes because I'll have a strong memory to an occasion and often remember what I was wearing too.

  5. Wow, Natalia that sounds like the perfect day! Love this floral-tapestry print jumpsuit! It is lovely and looks so chic and comfortable, too. I loved hearing about your first jumpsuit custom made for you. How frustrating that you got to wear it only for a short time, but nice that it was bequeathed to someone else! ( via consignment)
    Happy week friend!
    xx, Elle

  6. Классный такой - есть в нем такой ретро-feel. Love it!

  7. This jumpsuit is so pretty and so are the sneakers. I also remember wearing jumpsuits in my teens, but didn't like them at the moment. I didn't found them comfy. Now I adore them too. Have a great day!

    Jasmine xx

  8. That's a great jumpsuit, no wonder you fell in love with it!
    My Mum bought me a green satin Bus Stop jumpsuit for my 13th birthday, she was obviously on the same wavelength as your Mum was! xxx

  9. I can see why you love your jumpsuits, you wear them so very well. This one with its pretty floral is a stunner, I can see it dressed up or down. Enjoy.

  10. hey queen of the jumpsuits!!! :-)
    formidable! that thing is soooo you - it could be custom made for you! your colors, a typical natasha pattern and of cause it fits!!!
    my first overall (the german word which is not so german at all) was a red velvet - like in red red - one when i was around 7. typical 70s style with bellbottoms, big patched pockets an broad zipper. later a cream safari style. but the same problem like you - growing very fast :-)
    now i have two, short for summer outdoor/sports wear. for daily wear i have a problem with jumpsuits - they´r pants actually ;-)

  11. Amazing jumpsuit...and you are absolutely is very playful and fun!!!!

  12. Never had one in my life and never thought of having. But...why not? I quess I will be inspired by you and find one that suits my body type. This floral-tapestry print (romantic) makes a contrast to the modern vibe of the jumpsuit. I'm sold, I will try the look! Easy like a dress only the pants way!

  13. Jumpsuits are very comfortable! Yours has a very nice floral print and is very spring!
    Is there anything more pleasant than a walk in a park in a sunny day?? I am sure that you have enjoyed it!!
    Have a fantastic week...

  14. Your jumpsuit is wonderful on you! The colours are so beautiful with your hair,and I can easily see it dressed up or down for all sorts of occasions! It's a very wise investment!

  15. Beautiful jumpsuit and you look great in it. I never had a jumpsuit but I'd wear and especially the awesome flowery one like yours.

  16. You are right, this particular jumpsuit looks especially fun! What a lovely print! My mom has never worn a jumpsuit and so I guess she didn't suggest one for me at the time when I was a kid or a teenager. And as nobody wore jumpsuits in my town this type of cloths had stayed unknown for me for quite a time.

  17. Now, that's an adorable little jumpsuit! You wear everything well, and I'm deep admiration of your ablility you style your cute little self! Sweet with the little kicks, too!

  18. I would fall for that jumpsuit too! Then I would try it on and not be able to fit and be most disappointed. I had two jumpsuits in 1979, one made for me by my mother and one purchased in a consignment shop. I was around 5'7" tall then, at eleven years old and that was the last time I had a jumpsuit I could get into. I love the fabric of your jumpsuit, the soft draping look of it, the floral pattern and how well the colours suit you. I can picture it with sandals on a summer day. xoxo

  19. I have a plain black jumpsuit that I have not worn in ages. I love the colors and patterns of this jumpsuit on you. And I am huge fan of Korean BBQ, I love all the veggie dishes that comes with it.


    Hope to see you for TBT Fashion link up.

  20. wouu, such an amazing floral print!, it's absolutely so You!! and you look gorgeous!!
    I'm not a huge fan of jumpsuits, as I find them awfully uncomfortable when going to the bathroom!, I remember it well because jumpsuits were trendy when I was a teenager!. They're not my cup of tea now, but who knows?!