Friday, April 17, 2015

A Year Ago, in May

Yep, I wore both of these outfits just about exactly a year ago, but have not posted either of them in my blog, decided after looking at the photos that they were nothing really special. Now when I look back, I actually like them. It happens in life sometimes that we appreciate things more when we look back, not as we actually experience them. Seems silly, but there it is. It also happens the other way around, and I guess it's just a natural part of being a human - insightful in some ways, and oblivious in others, we are sort of both, a sage and a fool all in one person. 

When I look back at this combo, I just really like how patterns have a similar bold scale. I also like the way my little linen purse echoes the print in my top. Speaking of the top, it was found at Goodwill, and I thought that the print was just so very pretty, and the garment was well made, though just a little too tight on me. So I offered it to Mom when she was here. She loved it! She looks so wonderfully fresh in it. So from now on, this top, originally being produced for some cruise company which has probably seen the Bahamas or something like that, lives in Siberia - an unexpected twist in geography.

Thank you for your kind comments, dear friends. My parents have finally arrived home safe and sound, though terribly exhausted. It took them 3 airplanes more than 24 hours to get home. Now we are back to emails and Skype, the way it is for us for the past 13 years - we only had 4 visits together, three of which were long stays.

The pair of Converse was a Nordstrom Rack lucky find - I only paid $9 for these awesome colorful shoes. I wear them a lot, they give outfits such an easy modern vibe, and I feel happy just looking at them. Have you ever thought that shoes are often the only part of the outfit which we can actually see in full ourselves, while the rest is reserved for other eyes? Strange, but true. That is by the way another benefit of style blogging - we can see ourselves, and I think of it as being both therapeutic and enlightening, though some may argue that it's rather narcissistic. 

The 1990s dress was another Goodwill find, I think it might have been the very first dress I thrifted, so I was really excited about it. It is stretchy in the upper part, so despite it being medium size, it actually fits me well and will probably fit well just about anyone. The floral design suggests a few complimentary colors - I went with teal and blue. I think I'll try to pair it with something more cheerful next time. I have not decided yet whether I will keep the dress or donate it back. I think I'll give it another go and just see how I feel.

Photos by Justin - May 18, 2014

Outfit #1

Top - thrifted (via Goodwill)
Skirt - Target (shown in a bold stripy combo here)
Denim jacket - Chico's
Linen purse - boutique about 9 years ago
Abalone&silver earrings - gift from a friend

Outfit #2
Vintage (arguably) dress - thrifted (via Goodwill)
Denim lace vest - Chico's
Suede shoes - Adam Tucker Me Too



  1. I often and often look back on things that I've not liked and am surprised at how nice they are.
    Our judgement is set higher in the moment. I am dazzled by your Converse and love that stripy skirt!
    The dress is not really my style, but I like the way you've styled it. Those blue shoes are lovely.
    Interesting thought on the fact that we only see our shoes in entirety. I had the same thought about rings, so have started wearing more, to enjoy them :-) Glad your parents are back home safely. xo JJ

    1. Hands - yes, so many possibilities there! But while "hand-wear" is usually not a necessity, footwear is, most of the times, so we just can't help but seeing it. :) Thanks, Jazzy!

  2. I like to think of your top with your mum in Siberia and you wearing here in these photos.
    Yes, I had never thought about our vision of our shoes being complete but incomplete for other things we are wearing. That shifts my perspective. And THOSE shoes, well, I'd be looking at the ALL the time! The most wonderful shoes on the planet. I look back at my photos or writing or art and sometimes it sickens me and sometimes it delights. I like how you put it: we are fools and sages.

  3. You are so adorable! I love the stripes and flowers together. You know what? Sage and fool are the best ingredients for happiness. It's a perfect balance!

  4. I love that your top has found a new home with your Mum. Its a constant source of wonder to think about where our clothes travel and what they've seen before.
    That midi dress is lovely on you, I'm surprised it hasn't made more blog appearances, those earthy tones and the fit are perfect on you.
    Glad your parents are back home safely. Thank goodness for Skype. xxx

  5. I too have some photographed outfits that I never posted on the blog. Perhaps, I should look at them now and who knows, maybe I would like them, just the way you liked these two outfits after seeing them one year later. The top that is with your mom now, is so pretty. And paired with the stripy skirt created a beautiful outfit. The shoes are just too cute! Glad to hear that your parents are safely at home. What a long journey indeed!

  6. The bold stripe and floral top is so playful. I like it very much. Yes, in hindsight, we always appreciate or view things in a different perspective.

  7. You're right, sometimes I look at discarded pics after some months and don't understand why I disliked them (but it's true vice-versa too!). Love how you mixed stripes and flowers, it's cool!. And such a pretty pair of converse, they're candy for my eyes!!. And love your dress, I think it's a cute dress with a lot of possibilities: teal, khaki, mustard, golden. It's a dark color, so some bright accents would look nice on it!
    Glad to know your parents are safe, even tired. Such a long long travel!

    1. I agree - the dress needs some lightening/brightening up! I think I did not like that it was too close to the color of my hair back then. I'll try other combinations with it, golden sounds esp. delightful! Hugs!

  8. Stripes and florals are a lovely combination, but it's so sweet to think of your mum taking that top home with her!
    The midi dress is great, and I think Monica is right to suggest mustard/gold as an accompaniment, that would look fabulous. xxx

  9. Well you came to your senses!!
    LOVE these! The first is the perfect combo of stripe floral and one of my favorites looks of yours to date. Love the thrifted sneakers in that fab print. Love the denim vest.
    The second outfit is also beautiful. I love the foulard print and love how you have styled it. These colors are perfect on you.
    I am glad your mom now has that pretty top!
    xx, Elle

  10. My favourite outfit is the second one tho I really really love your Converse.