Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Earth Tones

Earth tones are my long time favorites, so when I put this outfit together, it felt like I had owned it for hundreds of years, even though many pieces are fairly new to me. What surprised me about it was that a little girl at IKEA's Smaland, dressed in an adorable floral dress herself, stopped playing and stared at me through the glass as I was passing by, and a teenage hostess at the restaurant, as Justin noticed, was watching me on the way in and on the way out. Not just the fact that someone would watch me surprised me, but that it was this particular outfit - it's anything but loud, and to pay attention to such a subtle style, there really must be something special in both of those young girls.

It all started with finding this blouse at Goodwill a while ago. I thought it was unbelievably pretty - the floral design, the colors, the style spoke to my heart. But I realized that I did not have a bottom that would compliment the blouse, and when I saw this skirt on another blogger, I decided that it would be a perfect pairing. As I do most of my shopping online, it was difficult to guess a perfect size for me, and I think I could downsize it for a more dramatic body-conscious feel, but I don't want to go through sending it back and waiting for a return, too much trouble for my liking. I tried to show you on a couple of photos how stretchy the fabric is - the skirt has a rather dramatic line, very narrow on the bottom.

Then I decided that the shirt+skirt pairing needed another friend and was thinking vests. After looking at my little collection of vests (about 8 pieces now, I believe), I thought that this thrifted vest (I showed it here before) was just what I needed. I don't know if anyone noticed, but lately, I don't wear much jewelry, but this time, I knew Shawna's necklace would be right at home with this outfit. And then I thought, why only wear a necklace, and added earrings too. I forgot to mention my "dance" shoes (no, I haven't done any dancing in them yet, but they do call for it every single time I look at them). And the bright red "splash" a.k.a. my red leather purse. Oh, and red lips too because it really called for a bright accent or two. That's pretty much how the outfit came together. It was faster to create it than to write about it, really.

I felt positively Poirot-esque in it! If only I had a little hat, I'd be a picture of the 1930s lady. OK, maybe I would need gloves as well. And even though, we typically associate earth tones with Autumn, I think they work perfectly well in Spring too - all those half naked branches and awakening soil (farmer's fields are still pretty bare, though started getting greener). In any case, it felt just what I needed today - something calming and nourishing to help the good stuff in me shine on a rather challenging day. 

Blouse and vest - thrifted (Goodwill)
Skirt - ASOS Curve
Shoes - Josef Seibel (via Nordstrom Rack)
Purse - B Makowsky (via TJ MAXX)
Glass necklace and bracelets - gifts from Shawna
Earrings - hand-painted Russian enamel (finift)
Malachite silver ring - from a festival (long ago)



  1. a outfit don´t have to be loud to be noticed :-)
    you did a great job here - the clothes are in harmony and with the red "topping" the colors begin to shine. and i actually like the relaxed fit of the skirt (and the length!)- while you walking it will accentuate you gorgeous figure - just that bit what phantasy needs to start dreaming ;-) bonus points: the whole look has a safari/adventure vibe!!!! for that reason i really love earth tones in spring/summer - one can dream about jungles and deserts and riding on a elephant.....
    and it comes to my mind that the girls were not impressed by that actual outfit - but more by the confidence you radiate in clothes that you love!!
    hugses!!! xxxxxxxx

  2. Yes, that skirt made me think 1930s, too. You exude confidence and sass and that's why you turn heads. So many women don't bother, do they? A thoughtfully constructed outfit, jewellery and great hair certainly aren't what I've encountered in my very rare expeditions to Ikea, it's all tracksuits and swearing. xxx

  3. What a wonderful outfit. The colours are so warm and perfect again with your hair. Lots of layers of interest with textures, pattern and colour. You really shine in this.


  4. I think what gets this outfit noticed is that it is somehow 'organic', so in tune with you and your natural colouring. Earth tones are your colours, and they give you a very harmonious look, as if you were meant wear -to own- these colours.

  5. This is such a beautiful outfit. The colours are warm and harmonious, and the structure of the single pieces work so well together, and suit your figure. The shoes are incredibly cute, with a distinct vintage feel - lovely!

  6. It's a lovely outfit, and you're right, those earthy shades are perfect on you. I'm sure you turn heads wherever you go, Natalia! Hope your challenging day was ultimately as successful as this calm and pretty look. xxx

  7. You made a great outfit and no wonder that you drew attention. Eevrything in matching so perfectly. I love how you chose the bag and the necklace. Beautiful look:)


  8. Love this outfit that started with such lovely finds from the Goodwill! The colors are so rich and neutral. Love the necklace, it adds so much impact, and the bold red lip. perfect for this!
    No wonder they were looking , you are quite the beauty!
    xx, Elle

  9. Tres belle tenue!
    Bon week end!
    Photographe Gil Zetbase

  10. No wonder you were noticed dear Natalia, you really shine in this outfit. The colours and shape are just perfect for you. I tend to agree with others, I too like the length and shape of the skirt on you. Well done .

  11. dear lady, you rock earthy tones!!, such a subtle and elegant outfit, I'm loving it, particularly the layers and the pretty necklace and bag, such a pretty accessorizing!. Really, your vest is a key piece, love it!
    Even if I can't manage these shades, I'm loving how gorgeous you look wearing them!