Monday, April 6, 2015


I felt incredibly alive wearing this outfit today - of course sunny mild weather has also something to do with my cheery mood, but even now looking at the photos, I feel zestful. 

The skirt is by Lane Bryant - they did such a wonderful job on these flirty feminine skirts (I bought two in different colors) this Spring. I don't think I had a skirt in exactly the same style before, and now I think - why didn't I? Now I want them in many more colors - in every color of the rainbow! The shirt was one of my many lucky thrift finds lately. This one is from Value Village - I actually visited one for the very first time and grabbed 4 colorful button down shirts for only a few dollars each ($4 to $5), all great quality and bright colors.

This blazer always looks bluer on photos than it is in reality - it is rather purple actually. It is from a few seasons back, I love the little details like the gold zipper, pretty buttons and stripy lining - such attention to detail is what makes a basic item of clothing into a treasured garment. 

I debated to write something inspiring, empowering and profound in this post, and reveal that I would not be able to create such an outfit when I first started this blog back in 2013, which is true, and not only because I did not have most of these items back then, but also and mainly because I finally feel that I've healed. But hey, you know what - sometimes, pictures are worth more than words, and even though I love writing, living is what I love so much more.

Photos by my father.

I'm joining a new to me link-up party with this fun outfit - Turning Heads Tuesday. Hope to see you there! Thank you for your invitation, Jessica

Skirt - Lane Bryant (not available online already (no wonder!), but I managed to find it in my local shop)
Blouse - thrifted (Value Village)
Blazer - Chico's (a couple of years back)
Shoes - Rockport (via Nordstrom Rack)
Purse - B Makowsky

Have a wonderful sunny week, everyone!



  1. This was your first trip to Value Village?!? Wow. I've been going there since my teens (i.e. since I moved to the big city). I even worked there when I was about nineteen.

    I like the skirt so well that I was going to go online to get it... until you said it was sold out already. We don't have Lane Bryant stores in Canada.

    You said you've healed, but I don't know what from. I'm interested. You know that healing is one of the projects of my blog.

    1. Well I'm a foreigner :) - I live in the US for only what, 13 years? and there are just too many stores here! That time, I just happened to be next to VV, so I thought I should see what it is all about. I'd say it's very similar to Goodwill price-wise, but felt a little more organized, though not as friendly as our local Goodwill - but that can be just a particular branch too.

      Sometimes, the sold out items still occur on the site - customers buy and return later, or they add an additional stock, so keep checking out.

      As for healing. We all have something we want/need to recover from, and I don't think "what from" matter as much as the healing process itself. It all boils down to the same basic thing - you want to heal and you look for what heals you.

  2. You look like spring! Flowers! Yup, you are looking very healed to me, so much so that you are spilling out that healing power onto everyone who sees you too. Powerful stuff. You are right about clothing details, how they take something from blah to cherished.
    I'm glad you had luck at VV - just wait until the 50% off sale there. You'll need a pick-up truck.

  3. "spring on legs!" was my first thought as the pics appeared :-)
    and the next was that that blue/purple jacket makes the look really complete - and balancing out the proportions. well done!
    funnily that you discover this kind of skirt now. in the 2000´s we (i and befriended designers) made this kind of skirt in every thinkable version. it was a best seller because its so easy to wear and it is sewed very easy too :-)
    as for healing and development - i know what you mean about being mentally able to wear some clothes or not. i had so many clients who swooned over bold styles but stepped back when it came to wearing it - "no, thats not made for me" what meant mostly "i´m not pretty, good, perfect enough".
    you pics proof that you´r really happy and confident!!!!
    hugses! xxxxxxx

  4. This outfit looks like spring. It's all sunshine colours and blooms, lovely.

  5. Wow! So sunny and colorful. You rock it lady. o)

  6. Love the blouse, bright colours, and your visible joy. :)

  7. This is so pretty! The funny thing is that you are dressed almost in the exact same colours as another blogger I like Alice from Happiness at Midlife today. You both showed up in my feed, one below the other and the resemblance in colours was uncanny.

    Value Village is a bit of a hit and miss here. Also I find their prices are very high compared to other thrift stores. I prefer Talize, but you might not have that. Also I found out that Value Village is privately owned and very much for profit. Ideally I like to go to Goodwill or Talize since I know they are supporting charities or people in need in the community.

    You scored nicely though! And the outfit is super on you.


  8. such a great outfit. love the colors! you wear the look so well!

  9. I don't know any of those shops, I'm sorry! I do know that that's one fabulously cheerful and Spring-like outfit and it makes me happy just looking at you. xxx

  10. HI Natailia!!
    So glad you joined it, I do this every week. I love the watercolor top on you, very colorful. Yellow is a favorite so the skirt is just so bright and pretty on you!

    Thank you for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday!
    jess xx

  11. I LOVE that skirt! The colour, the shape, and with the natty blazer, you look ready for Spring - ready for anything, in fact!
    Whatever healing you needed, I'm glad it's happened, and that these beautiful clothes feel right for you now, Natalia. xxx

  12. You look stunning! This blazer is really great and the skirt too.

  13. Love these colors, they make me SMILE!
    The yellow skirt is stunning, just right for this new season.
    I can't believe the cost of that stunning floral shirt! Wow!
    And I adore the bold purple blazer..
    a beauty:
    you and this ensemble!
    xx, Elle

  14. Love this color combo, so summery and delightful!!, and love your skirt, pretty shape and fab color!! and obviously love your blue-purple blazer, it fits you so nicely!