Monday, April 27, 2015

Like First Flowers from the Sleepy Earth

Hello my dear friends,
I'm lacking words for now, but wanted to say hello and that I think of you and will return to posting and commenting very soon. For now, I want to share one of the latest outfits (yesterday, to be exact) - fun for going out for Indian lunch buffet and an old favorite comedy (Tootsie is playing in movie theaters, if anyone is interested). The coral sweater with the playful zipper detail is new, the rest of the outfit is familiar to you (the cotton pants which I bought for only $12 on clearance were previously shown here and here). Enjoy!


Sweater - Lane Bryant
Pants, watch and jacket - Chico's (old)
Shoes - Born (old)
Clutch - Urban Expressions (via TJ MAXX, old)
Necklace - Talbot's (old)


  1. That soft orange of your top is so pretty, it's definitely your colour!

  2. Natalia this is such a great sweater, the coral colour perfect on you but what I love most is the clever zip at the back . Your pairing with the black and white pants and that colourful necklace simply spot on.

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  4. Great look, Natalia. Looking forward to your next posts!

    Jasmine x

  5. You look great. I love the top with zipper:)

  6. Don't you live how an outfit will conjure up images of wear it should be worn? After you said Indian food, my mind said, "Yep!"

  7. I love the zipper detail on the coral top. This is perfect for going out for curry and a movie (I like Tootsie too). Words sometimes are fickle, you said it - they come and go.

  8. lovely zipper back on your top, it's cute!, and love your cotton pants, versatile and cool!!
    wish you're having a good time!

  9. Your coral top is lovely on you, and the zipper detail is brilliant! I'm sure you'll find lots of ways to wear it in the future too. Have a nice trip to the movies, and enjoy the buffet :-)

  10. You look lovely, the soft coral colour is a very flattering shade on you.
    Funnily enough, I just watched Tootsie again on TV, hadn't seen it since I went to the cinema to see it.
    Hope all is well, Natalia. Will look forward to your return with lots of words soon! xxx

  11. That colour is so pretty on you! I love the zipper detail at the back of the sweater and this whole outfit is just effortlessly chic! Well done, my stylish friend. xoxo

  12. Ahhh, writer's block from the writer's closet. I was beginning to think you'd fallen out with me.
    That top is fab, love the detail at the back. Hope the curry was wonderful. x

    1. Now why would you think that! Ai-ai-ai! I always adore you. xxx

  13. love the zipper on the back...such a lovely sweater, I really like this colour. Perhaps it would look great also worn on top of that lovely wrap dress from your latest post? just a thought:)

    The pants are really fun, always good to see prints.