Thursday, April 2, 2015


I'm a born redhead. I mean, literally I am, it is not a figure of speech. My Mom tells me that I was born with red (and, apparently, long!) hair. I'm not really surprised - my father and everyone in his family have copper hair, and there are a few redheads on mama's side too. But my baby red hair turned into blond, then into medium brown - though it always had a copperish tone visible under straight sunlight. 

I colored my hair red when I was 20 for the first time. I cut it short and colored it red, and it seemed, on the one hand, pretty revolutionary, and yet, on the other hand, like it was my natural color. I wore it until I finally got bored with it, but I distinctively remember the thought that that's exactly what I would like do when I turn 30... Over the years between 20 and 36, I tried different hair styles, from long hair to bob and pixie and all variations in between. I was blond, dark haired, red, had highlights, and came back to my natural color for long periods at a time. One day, I'm pretty sure I'll want to see my hair naturally gray - it's way too early now, I only have a few gray hair at this point, but some day I know I will. For now, I'm sticking with red because it feels like it is who I am. I always feel like coming back to myself when I visit Erica and refresh the washed out color. And from time to time, I also pick a new shade, as well as a new shape - it's amazing how many variations you can do on pixie.

Jumpsuits are another thing I'm coming back to over and over again. I wore them in the mid-80s as a young teenager, then in the 90s as a young woman, and now I have a half of dozen of them in different styles and colors, splurging every time I see the one I think I will love for years (those years when they won't be as trendy as they are now, and therefore will be much harder if not impossible to find at retail shops). This one is by ASOS Curve, I love the washed khaki color and utility style. I accessorized it with my crazy shoes and a well-loved pair of Russian hand painted enamel (finift) earrings - and, of course, with my freshly cut and colored red hair. 

Hair does make a statement, doesn't it? Of all "accessories" we can have, I believe it is the essential one. To me, it tells so much more about a person than the clothes she or he wears. There are just too many variables on clothes we wear daily. And sometimes, we don't wear any clothes at all. Hair is pretty much always there - and even when it's not, by choice, it also tells a story. 

Though I love copper red (which is probably closest to natural looking for me, which I like) - from time to time, I go red red - very bold. And short short - double bold. I never really plan it, I just go with my guts while I'm in Erica's chair. We discuss it for a minute or so, and then - chop chop; she is ever so encouraging of my love of changes. Intuitively, it seems to me that changing my hairstyle helps to reset something within me, on a deeper level, sort of like an outer expression of the upcoming or already happening inner changes.

You can see all the pixie cuts I had since I started this blog under the tag fresh haircut.

Jumpsuit - ASOS Curve
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Linen purse - hand-made, boutique find (years ago)
Earrings - Russian finift via  Ebay (years ago)
Haircut by Erica
Photos by Justin



  1. Well you just know I'm gonna LOVE that hair! Gorgeous lady!

    I also have redheads in my family. My brother has strawberry blond and my Dad is a redhead. My youngest sister also has a gorgeous colour of red. I'm a natural blond but going red 5 years ago was a HUGE change for me. Although there is lots of maintenance...I still love it. It's true what you wrote, hair does say so much about a person.

    I *almost* bought a jumpsuit very similar to this. It looks amazing with your hair.


    1. I can see you in such a jumpsuit! You'd be irresistible! Thanks, Suzanne!

  2. I can't imagine Natalia with any other colored crown than her beautiful red. The shade goes so perfectly with your colouring and YOU.

    Now for jumpsuits. Have I told you I fear them? I love the look of them and wish I could wear them, however, the idea of trying to maneuver it while using a public restroom terrorizes me. The thought of it touching the toilet literally makes me ill. There, I told you. Don't judge.

    You look great as always. Love how the deep tone red in your hair shows up in your adorable pouch.

  3. A red pixie suits you so well. It is difficult for me to imagine you with a different style though I have worn many different styles myself so I know it can be done. I love pixie cuts but have decided that I do not love them on myself from any view other than the front. Also I feel like I need volume on my head. Like you I only have a few grey hairs right now but I am aiming for waist length fully grey hair some day. I too was born with red hair-though more strawberry blonde like my son is. I also have a history with jumpsuits, though not since I was 12. After that I have never been able to get them to fit me, being too long in the rise.

    I think I might be rambling. My brain is worn out. Sending you much love and hugses! xoxo

  4. I've always admired your darling hair. I had red hair for ages until it got too difficult to fight the gray. Now I really have to have blonde to blend it all together. But I so miss the red. I also like dark brown. I remember telling my ex-mother in law once that God made a mistake with my haircolor because it's suppose to be darker! haha she actually had the opinion or brainwashing that God is angry at women who color their hair. Ridiculous! The more we enjoy our bodies the better!
    You look great in jumpsuits. Your body shape is proportionate and balanced. I've tried coveralls and my shoulders are so narrow and my hips wide, they do not work well at all. Your shoes are very unique and I'm glad you took a close up shot to share.
    Glenda's comment cracks me up about the restroom fear thing. I have problems with all the tunic length blouses I've been wearing. ;)

  5. Red hair looks so natural on you, it really suits you. It would be difficult to imagine you with any other hair colour. My mother was a hairdresser, yet she always refused to colour my hair or cut it short (I had to experiment in secret, when I was much older). She was right about the lenght: I tried a pixie cut once, not good... But that's because I have naturally curly hair and it just stood up. Like having a 3cm crewcut all over the head... So, now my hair is natural colour (it gets all dry and straw-like if I try to change the colour, I learned that the hard way... Mother was right about that, too) and there's not much that can be done to alter the style either (because of the curls: they go a certain way no matter what) and there seems to be an 'optimum lenght' that keeps it well-behaved (=less messy). I've been at war with my hair for ever, and thus I've always envied women who can try different hairstyles... I have just one, I call it 'the mop'...

  6. Natalia, love your red hair but to be honest I always thought it was your own colour as it is perfect for your skin tone. The pixie cut is just so cute on you. You wear that jumpsuit so well , both its colour and style suit you to a tee.I am loving thoseunique shoes, hope we see some more of them over Summer.Another winner my dear, enjoy your Easter.

  7. Beautiful shade of red and the new haircut looks interesting. You always look fantastic in jumpsuits, no wonder you have special love for them. Khaki colour of this particular jumpsuit matches perfectly with the red hair colour.

  8. The shoes that brought us together! I love it when I see them on your blog, they still rock!
    Love the new hair and the vibrancy of the red. You know how I love a jumpsuit.
    Going from natural blonde to jet black at 39 years of age was the best thing I ever did! xxx

  9. I always thing on you as a natural redhaired lady, doesn't matter if there's a little help from hairdresser's magic!, love your red-red hairstyle, cute and very You!!, and it's a fab color to enhance your prettiness!!!
    Lovely jumpsuit, you know I love khaki!, and your shoes are simply fabulous!!.

  10. I always feel at my best as a redhead, and you look incredible as one too! Love the pixie crop and the vibrant colour - I do find a visit to a trusted hairdresser is very therapeutic, don't you? Gorgeous shoes, and a rocking jumpsuit - you look wonderful. xxx

  11. I love your pixie and red! I think bold, impish, strong, sweet and a bunch of other words but they will never cover the full range of who you are. I had a jumpsuit like that when I was 16 or so but I didn't look as great as you do in this one with those awesome shoes and Russian earrings. I was white blond as a kid and then dirty blond and then brown. I've gone through many shades of brown and reddish browns but I like white best. Grey is a good second though.

  12. i think thats a perfect shade of red hair for you! it enhances your complexion and eyes to the nines!!! although i like a bit "more" hair personally :-) love that portrait, your cheeks are so rosy and your smile so happy!!!!
    your jumpsuit reminds me on a pilots suit - adventurous aviatrix style!
    happy easter sunday my dear!!!!!! xxxxxx

  13. I adore the jumpsuit! Love the color and detail at the neck in back. I love that your hair is as vibrant as your personality; the bold color suits you an shows off the delicate porcelain of your face!
    NOw, I am so glad that Glenda said, this because I agree,.. Jumpsuits are great looking and comfortable, but not so convenient when on has to go the the bathroom... and public toilets in Manhattan, are, oh- I wont use the word.
    Love this look and those JC shoes are fabulous and somewhat wild!
    xx, Elle

  14. I absolutely L.O.V.E. red hair, dearest Natalia...I was an (unnatural) redhead for about four years before I went back to blonde again!! Your vibrant colour and sassy new cut suit you perfectly!! And that military-style jumpsuit with the Jeffrey Campbell platforms?? Oh yeah...definitely two thumbs up!! :D

  15. You have a very lovely hair! Red hair doesn't match a lot of people, but it sure looks perfect on you. I also love your pixie haircut. It fits stylish women like you. Thank you for sharing your story, Natalia. All the best to you!

    Collene Puterbaugh @ Baja Hair Center