Monday, December 16, 2013

My "Uzbek" Dress: Part 2

Part 1 is here.

After I tried the dress with my purple cardigan and faux leather jacket, I just put on a few other things quite spontaneously - and I think they all worked!

Take #3

The first one was my dark brown (coco beans or espresso color) blazer which I have not have a chance to wear before. I got it on one of those crazy sales where you can pay $30 for a blazer which typically costs $150. I tried a few other ones too, but this one was the winner.

Orange accents made the outfit brighter and merrier - since dark brown is such a "serious" color, isn't it?

Take #4

I added my old coat for layers (the whole story of my almost "vintage" coat is here), and for a while now I wanted to wear my faux fur with it (which is actually a detachable part of a poncho sweater). I loved the result! It felt both elegant and fun, and vintage, and romantic, and retro with just a hint of grunge, I thought. It felt so perfect for a night on town!

Take #5

Well, anyway, I loved it! Justin and I went for a walk in Tacoma that night. I love this town. I love the perfect mix of old and modern, of the port and boats next to art studios, cafes and museums. We even took a tram - that was fun! Living in Russia, it is not such a big deal - we use public transportation a lot in cities there. In America, it is all different story. It is such an event to take a bus and especially a tram here. It feels so fun and so hopelessly romantic!

Justin took wonderful photos that evening, and I played with my portrait in Photoshop - this version looks like a scratched old film.

Later that night, we went to our very favorite Grand Cinema, a small non-profit movie theater in an old building, where we enjoy watching fantastic movies - very often Oscar nominated, alternative, foreign, artsy, film festival winners, that kind of stuff! I really wanted to see Philomena! Mostly because it was a Judi Dench performance, and I will watch just about anything this lady does (though, I still haven't watched her 007 movies). There is something about her... not only that she is an amazing actress, which is of course the case, but there is something else too. It's almost like we were sisters in previous life or something like that, you know. But the story also promised to be a good one. And so it was! I think I cried a whole river that evening. If you hear about a new unrecognized river in the Tacoma area - you can be positive that I made it that night. It was an absolutely wonderfully told story, very touching, very human, very kind. Please do yourself a favor - watch it. It is one of the best movies in years.

Ikat "Uzbek" dress by Chico's (old). Blazer by Chico's. Coat - my very old, almost vintage, hand-made by my talented auntie Rimma (at least 15 years ago). Booties by Aquatalia. Purse by B Makowsky. Photos, as always, by Justin.

Location: Cottage & downtown Tacoma


  1. I know that you weren't initially happy with how this dress worked for you when you first tried it out earlier this year. But these stylings you've created here completely transform the effect. I think it's one of the biggest lessons of fashion and styling that a given piece, by itself, can't really be said to "work" or "not work" ... it's what the wearer does with the whole ensemble of components in an outfit that either brings it all together ... or not. Excellent. And it was MOST fun sharing the evening with you in Tacoma. We must do it again ... soon. (Shall we tell them about the pig?)

    1. It was so much fun to learn this lesson and to document the process with you! :) And the pig story will remain a mystery for now. :)