Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Purple for Happy Days

To all of my readers who celebrate - Merry Christmas!

Most of the time, I don't think a lot about my outfits - I don't build them piece by piece, detail by detail, thinking through every option. I simply open my closet and see what "talks" to me this particular day. I go for a piece with which I feel this strange sort of connection at a given moment, and then I just build the rest from it - intuitively.

Justin invited me to spend a day in one of my most treasured places on earth (for so many reasons) - Bainbridge Island. It was an unexpectedly sunny and warm day (56 F) with just a little breeze. So I wore layers which I wanted to be fun and festive. Purple is on my mind a lot these days. Animal print is one of my old favorites. And gold... a little outer piece of our inner sunshine, that's the way I look at it. No, it's not your common Christmas color scheme, and the same goes for pink flamingos which are not your typical Christmas decoration (not in the Pacific Northwest anyway), but both are fine in my book.

We took a very nice stroll around the village, explored a few places we haven't been before, returned to a few other ones which we loved, spotted this adorable lilac bench near a famous ice-cream shop (have you noticed that very often, the colors or themes which you incorporate into your outfit suddenly appear all around you without any planning from your side? it happens with me all the time!), stopped by cute little shops to get ourselves and Anna small last minute presents, and enjoyed the mild rays of wintry late afternoon sun. 

I wish you all peace and love, and many happy moments in your life, and someone with whom you'd love to share them. 
~ Sincerely, Natalia 

Blazer by Chico's. Shirt, cardigan and pants by Lane Bryant. Pea coat by Kristen Blake. Earrings and necklace by Chico's. Ring - boutique find. Belt - Target. Purse by B Makowsky. Booties by Aquatalia.

Location: Bainbridge Island

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