Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunset Colors at the Grandview Trail

I mentioned earlier in the blog that very often, I don't plan where to take photos of my outfits. And yet, somehow, in a magical way, places, colors and details come naturally together to support what I wear that particular day. I don't know how it happens, I just know that it happens. It happens all the time with me, and not only with outfits. As a very intuitive person, I guess I can say that it is just the way I live my life. I don't try to plan. I just feel my way through it. And so it happened that one beautiful evening when Justin and I took off to explore a new trail south of Tacoma - the Grandview trail.

The view was really grand! WOW, it was amazing! So many people were strolling, jogging, walking their doggies, playing with their children, flying kites and enjoying the mild sunny day (50 F, or 10 C). I don't have tons of confidence in me. To be in front of camera and in front of people is not something which comes easily to me. I always was a bit shy, no matter what people think of me. That day, I not only was the only one taken pictures of, but I also was in a place where everyone else was dressed rather in a sporty way, and I wasn't. Well, it is just part of this blog - go to places and take pictures of the outfits I try to put together in a creative way. Different places make the process even more interesting, and it is something both Justin and I l-o-v-e doing together - go exploring, taking pictures, writing and blogging afterwards. You need to go to places if you want to do all of it, right? And outfits sort of make sense if you try them on and go somewhere in them - otherwise how do you know how you feel in them, and if they reflect a part of your personality or not so much? Style is a public art. Only being there in the world in your outfits, in front of people and in front of camera do give you a sense of your personal style. And so is blogging. As a blogger, you always look forward to some sort of responses from "the other side" of your computer screen, be it page hits or comments.

As we started our stroll, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, but it is a long long walk, and we are quite slow walkers, so by the time we were coming back, the sky turned all these amazing shades of pinks and purples, just like it somehow knew what I was up to. :) 

I love the way Justin framed my outfit in these attractive warm earthy tones of green and dry grass.

The park is huge, and other than long trails and a golf course, it also has a beach (access to which is by a viaduct) and a large open area where you can see the remains of an old sand and gravel quarry which add an additional interest to the area (we saw photographers taking their clients for pictures since this type of industrial beauty is quite popular these days). 

With these photos, I leave you alone, my dear reader, for you to reflect on the photographs Justin took of the park and my outfit, and for me to write just one more post in conclusion of this month and this year - the first year of In The Writer's Closet.

Coat - vintage, hand made by my aunt. Blazer - Chico's. Top - Max Studio (old). Skirt - Lane Bryant. Scarf - batik, hand painted in Russia. Tights by Hue. Shoes by Dansko. Earrings by Chico's. Ring - boutique find.

All photographs, as always, by Justin.


  1. Natalia,
    This is stunning! I adore your outfit, the colors are magical and perfectly translated to the images.
    I wish you a wonderful holiday season and happy new year, too!
    XX, Elle

    1. Thank you, Elle! What a beautiful and generous compliment! You are so very kind! :) Happy New Year to you too!!

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, Carelia! It was very sweet what you said :)