Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Let It Snow: Part 2

Part 1 is here.

Since snow is such a rare visitor here in Seattle, we love to come out and play when we get a chance. This time, we were digging our writers' closets for some good finds, appropriate for playing snowy/wintry outfits!

I know I found some. Old Chico's sweater (they have a similar one on sale now, available in three colors here) and even older Chico's faux fur vest. Look how I played with it! Isn't it fun? The vest actually wasn't reversible (or it just wasn't obviously reversible to me?!), but I thought... wait a minute - it is so obviously and perfectly reversible... and just turned it inside out and wore it that way!

Supposedly "proper" way to wear it:

Supposedly "wrong" way to wear it:

Anna, on the other hand, did not want to play outfits. Well, not the outfits her mama asked her to play anyway. But I said something like, "Please please please please, would you wear it just one more time before you grow up? Then when you are 20, I'll be looking at these pictures and remember how you were still a little girl in Hanna Andersson's outfits", or maybe I said something very different - who can tell for sure now? But the fact remains this: Anna wore the Hanna Andersson outfit which I bought for her way back - at least 3 years ago. I still love their cute sweaters and knitted dresses with Scandinavian design. Doesn't it remind you of dark long winter nights, sparkly snow and bright red berries? It does, doesn't it?

But then Anna decided to wear something similar to what I wore that day. And so everyone was happy. And not just because they wore what they actually picked by themselves. Mostly because they went to do their Christmas shopping! And that is the end of the story about one rare snowy day in Seattle.

I am wearing:
Cowl neck sweater and Faux fur vest by Chico's (both are old, but similar sweater on sale here). Leggings by Hue. Gloves by Lane Bryant. Boots by Pajar (old). Purse by B Makowsky.

Anna is wearing:
Set 1 - sweater and velour pants by Hanna Andersson (old).
Set 2 - sparkly white top by Justice (?) - thrifted. Faux fur vest - most probably also Justice (she's a fan). Leggings via Walmart. Boots - Bear Paw. 


  1. Anna and Natasha sure do like playing dress up. I hear that many girls and women like playing dress up. Even some men and boys like to play dress up. But what's most fun for ME is taking pictures. See how well that works out for one particular woman and her own particular girl who enjoy making blogs about style? ;) I just love it when a plan comes together.

    1. Our "plan" (which is a lack of plan!) is most definitely coming together nicely! Happy holidays and thank you for all the support of all my crazy ideas and projects!! :)

  2. Natalia,
    What a gorgeous post of you and Anna. The vest looks better your way, and I love the boots! Lovely shots of Chrsitmas cheer! Well done. Enjoy the holiday!!!!
    XX, Elle

    1. Dear sweet Elle, thank you so much for your kind comments! I wish you to have an amazing holiday and all your wishes to come true this coming year! Sincerely, Natalia