Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mary Poppins, Mary Janes and Letting Go

Before I come back to the snowy post, part 2 (part 1 is here), I thought I would tell you a story about one typical winter day here in Seattle. The temperature was around 50 F (or 10 C). The sky covered us with a fluffy warm blanket of clouds and sprinkled a dust of rain. I wanted to wear something casual to the movies and suddenly felt like my denim shirt (I don't wear denim very often) and picked this rich wine colored blazer instead of a coat. The umbrella was for all of it - the rain, the blazer, and the movie I was about to watch.

It was Saving Mr. Banks - a new picture with brilliant Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. Don't even read the description of the movie - I find it not especially helpful. Just go and watch it. What Saving Mr. Banks is about? It's about letting go of the past which has a power to capture us sometimes for a little too long. Don't we all have some sort of ghosts keeping us from moving on? So this story is just about that - releasing your ghosts, forgiving and setting yourself free to live a beautiful life. 

I wore both the blazer and the skirt on my "shoe day" (read about it here), and one of the pair of shoes I found that day was this one by Dansko. I love these mary janes, and I've never even owned a pair of mary janes except for when I was a little girl! (At the end, I think mary janes were also calling me because of the movie... a perfect tie with my childhood!) These are extremely comfortable and pretty, and feel very chic thanks to the bronze metallic leather and the cute bow-like closures - I got compliments immediately. What a great buy!

Denim shirt and corduroy blazer by Lane Bryant. Pencil skirt by Old Navy (still on sale for only $9 in regular and tall sizes here - they are very comfy to wear). Shoes by Dansko (available here). Umbrella is Justin's and quite old. :)

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