Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Day in a Zoo

I am leaving for a short holiday break with my beloved one, and while I am getting ready for the trip and organizing the house, so it is nice and clean for our return, I thought I'd also post a few posts of my outfits and our family days lately. One of which was... yes, a trip to a zoo!

Don't you just love going to a zoo? I remember my very first trips to a zoo when I was a little girl. It was always a very special event. I grew up in a small town (population is less than 35,000 by now, and even less when I was little). It was located near another small town (population is around 85,000) where my brother and I were born, and which had their own little zoo! I remember that seeing all the exotic animals was such a treat! Though, I also vividly remember very strong smell of the cages where the animals were kept - boy, they were stinky! Even though it was joy to see the animals, I always felt sorry for them - they did not have very good living conditions back then. I think it started changing in the last decade or two in Russia. Here in the USA zoos are abundant and wonderful - they are definitely in my top 5 places to visit in any American town. Not only you learn something new every time you go there, but they are also very beautiful and tranquil - animals are treated with great respect, and every time I see our planet in miniature, I feel like a part of our amazing Mother Nature, and as if I became a child once again. I don't know what other place makes me feel that... And what about yourselves? Do you enjoy going to a zoo as an adult? What are your childhood memories of going to a zoo?

We saw lions before, but none of us has heard their very loud roar before! Have you? If you haven't, let me tell you, you won't forget it when you finally have a chance. You will never mistake it for any other animal's sound either. You will immediately know who is the emperor here. When lions roar, they mean business!

A wolf and a Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis - комодский варан), a large Indonesian lizard.

It was such a peaceful scene with trees reflections, zebras walking in the background and hippo surprising us with its size!

It's always fun to watch flamingos. Did you know that they get their gorgeous pink color because they eat shrimp? Seafood is good for you, yes? ;)

That's not everything what you could spot at the zoo that day, of course. We were so happy to see sloth bear cubs (sooo fluffy!) and the most adorable and very social creatures - meerkats, and mama giraffe with her baby giraffe! Oh they were so absolutely wonderful, with their long necks and huge eyes! 

You could also spot this lovely creature in the zoo that day:

...Just like the baby giraffe, she was with her mama too. And to tie this post with the theme of my blog, here is what kept us warm and relatively stylish that cold day:

And what can be better after a fun day of adventures than to share a wonderful dinner with people you love?

I love oysters! These were amongst the best! As for my drink, imagine coming back from a cool day outside to a cozy place where they prepare a nice hot latte with a splash of Baileys just for you! Yum!

But more than anything in the world, I love this face! And the one which is almost always behind the camera! You are my truest treasure, guys!

What I wore:
Platinum Utex Down Parka bought at Nordstrom (old). This parka keeps me warm for years, and I dedicated the whole post to it here. Pants, turtleneck & jewelry by Chico's. Cardigan by Lane Bryant. Booties by Aquatalia. Hat was bought in a hat shop downtown Seattle long ago - I think it probably was this shop, it kinda rings a bell, way too long to be sure though! :)

What Anna wore:
Layers of her fave clothes by Old Navy and Justin's sweatshirt since she forgot her own winter coat, and it really was chilly out. Boots by Bear Paw. Ear warmers were bought at the zoo gift shop - cute!

Location: Seattle


  1. I love that your blog is not just a great place to learn about fashion and style but also a wonderful place to relive our family adventures together. ;)