Monday, December 9, 2013

Shoe Shopping or Shopping Shoes? + Sneak Peek

There was actually a coat shopping plan that day. But shoes were also on my mind. The truth is that they almost always are. You see when I told you that I have wide feet, I wasn't kidding. All my life it has been a challenge to find a pair of shoes which A) I will love to look at, and B) I will love to wear. Shoes are just such an uncomfortable "garment"! I love shoes. But mostly just visually. In my dream life, I walk barefoot.

So I decided to return a few pairs of shoes (four to be exact) which I enjoyed to look at, but realized after a while that they hurt my feet after a day (or just a few hours) of walking. I loved them, they were stylish and very fun and sexy. But I love my feet even more. So the feet won.

I didn't plan to get any new shoes at that point, but hey, how can one resist browsing Nordstrom Rack? I couldn't. I am weak, I admit. So I went browsing while Justin was returning my shoes for me. To make the long story short, I found this wonderful pair of shoes (actually, I found two wonderful pairs) by Dansko. Have you heard of this brand? I bet all wide-footed people have. I know I did. But I thought that their shoes look kinda clunky. Funky (which I like), but clunky (which I don't). Well, when I put this particular pair on my feet and took a few steps, I just couldn't believe it! I was walking on clouds! There was a spring in my step! I kid you not - there was a spring and there were clouds!!  

And that's a story of my coat shopping day which became my shoe shopping day. Or rather my coat shopping day became a coat shopping day in shopping shoes. Does that make any sense?

And here is a sneak peek of my new coat! Yes, yes, yes, it's a pea-coat! I love it, but that's a story for another post.

Cadence Suede Shoes in "Plum" by Dansko (available here). Corduroy blazer by Lane Bryant. Turtleneck by Chico's. Pencil skirt by Old Navy (still on sale for $12 in regular and tall sizes here). Purse by B Makowsky

Location: Bellevue mall


  1. Love your mall pictures!! The top look is something I would wear! Great job!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment, Pam! I am pretty new to style blogging and am having fun learning about myself so much as I go. But I also enjoy getting to know women around the world who do such fun stuff with their personal style, it is very inspiring! :) This outfit was the most comfy to wear to the mall. Thank you! :)