Sunday, December 29, 2013


Unlike my faux fur vest, which I made reversible by getting a pair of scissors in my hands and cutting off the label on the furry insides, this boiled wool jacket was actually meant to be reversible by its designer - the label was attached with only two little stitches on the black side of it. I wear the red side more often. But I see the potential for the black side as well. Most of the times, I wear this jacket with black pants (black linen pants back in October), but I also wore it with a pencil skirt.


This outfit feels almost too simple to show in a blog, but I've decided to go with it since it is effective and very festive for this time of year. As shown here, I wore it on the Christmas Eve day. It was a very quiet day for us when Justin, Anna and I enjoyed spending time together, had lunch in one of our favorite Chinese places and went for a walk on the beach. A couple of days before, I wore all the same outfit to my daughter's recital - one of the greatest achievement for the past half a year for her - with one difference: I wore a pencil skirt instead of flare pants. Both look pretty classy. Unfortunately, I don't have a good photo of the other outfit, but I still would like to include a couple of shots from Anna's little, but absolutely fantastic dance studio - it was a big day for our family.


Boiled wool jacket in Black/Sultry Red, turtleneck, pants, pencil skirt and necklace by Chico's. Booties by Aquatalia.

Location: Tacoma


  1. Personally, I've always LOVED the way you look in red. It's one of my favorite colors for you. And since black is classic, it's hard to go wrong with such a combination for you. And at this festive time of year, it's just irresistible! :)