Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Teal

We have freezing temperatures here in Seattle for the last few days. It was 37F (just above 0C) during the day, and it is in 20sF (below 0C) at night. I don't know about you guys, but I am wearing my down parka these days and only think about being stylish. Oh no. Please don't make me answer this question... again! I live in the US for almost 12 years now. Just how many times do you think I heard this question in the past?
Well, just once then. But that will be it!

Yes, I grew up in Russia. More than that, I lived in Siberia till I was almost 29.
Yes, winters are very cold in Russia. Especially in Siberia, yes.
No, I don't like it. Cold is cold. 
No, you don't get used to it. Well, of course you adapt more or less. But mostly you just learn how to cope with it. You wear layers. Many layers. And then some. And then a natural fur coat (yes, they are essential in a very rough climate like Siberian). Something like this stylish sheepskin coat I used to have - long and heavy. 

Photo was taken in my little hometown Sosnovoborsk (near Krasnoyarsk), in December 1999.

OK, and now on to my recent outfit. Thankfully, the cold days here in Seattle are nothing like those in Siberia. These photos were taken last weekend (I think it was still November, the very last day of it). Most of our winter I will be probably able to wear something like this - a raincoat (already got a new beautiful one for rainy days) or just a jacket over a turtleneck sweater, much like this boiled wool jacket from Lands' End which I bought at Goodwill a little while ago for only $25.

Boiled wool (similar to felt) is a type of very old, traditional processes working with wool which take us back to Middle Ages. Boiled wool is considered to be warmer, more durable and windproof. It is also very soft and so wonderful to touch! 

I paired the jacket with comfortable slimming pants from Chico's in "Darkest Teal" color (first shown here). I think I'll wear this outfit a lot in winter. I like how teal works with camel color (I think they call this color "Heather Arabian Camel" at Chico's) - casual yet chic. The jewelry pieces (their story was told here) tie the outfit together. And I like the contrasting purse here - just for fun!

But later that day, I got (unexpectedly) a teal colored turtleneck too, so now I can wear this outfit either way - a bit classier when it's "total teal" I suppose. :)

OK, and now I'm gone shopping!..

Bye! :)

Boiled wool jacket by Lands' End (found at Goodwill, but there are similar ones at eBay, Lands' End or LL Bean). Pants, turtlenecks and jewelry by Chico's. Booties by Aquatalia. Purse by B Makowsky

Location: University Village in Seattle

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